Iphone vs Android for a Mom

Before reading this blog remember this is from my own personal opinion. My life might be different than yours and my choice on devices is because of my own personal needs.

I have had an iphone for the past 5 years. When I became pregnant I wanted to keep our Iphones because apple has a baby monitor that could be used through our phones. It really is amazing and if you have an iphone and are pregnant or have a baby I highly recommend the ibaby. Recently we switched back to the android phones.My husband now has the Samsung Galaxy S4 and I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Don’t worry I still use my ibaby because I love love love my ipad. Here are some reasons why the android phone works better for this mom.


  • Iphone- Smaller with a 4 inch dispaly and is all around smaller than our android phones. Some people prefer the small display.
  • Android- My Note 3 has a 5.7 inch display while the S4 has a 5 inch display. Just comparing that to my iphone is unreal. The difference is amazing. I won’t every go back to a smaller screen. Some argue that the Note 3 is way to big and feels like an ipad. If that is the case then try out the Samsung S4. The screen is still bigger and is a great phone.


  • As a new mom I love to take pictures of my little girl and you only want the best pictures right?
  • Iphone- 8mp back and 1.2mp front.
  • Android- Both of our Samsung has a 13mp back and 2mp front for all the selfie lovers. Mind blown!


  • Lets face it. When I tell you this then you should want to switch to android.
  • Iphone- You all know that if you want bigger storage then you have to pay more money! A lot more money. 16gb 32gb and 64gb. If you are like me then you had the money to barely pay for the 16gb and for me it just wasn’t enough.
  • Android- 32gb and 64gb  and you can add an sd card that  makes  it have more storage than an iphone.


  • Depending on the device you get and the carrier the prices may vary.
  • Iphone- They run around 200$+ depending on the storage size you want.
  • Android- The Note 3 is 300 while the S4 is 200$+

I’m not tech savy so I don’t know about the fastest or the processor. To me the speed is the same.

Now here are the reasons why I love my Note 3 more than my Iphone 5s!

  • More Storage
  • Bigger Screen
  • Better Camera
  • S Pen! Omg in love with this feature. The pen is not for everyone but I am a blogger and I do like to write stuff done. The pen is stored neatly in my phone and I can write notes and use my pen to scroll through things. Yes you can use your finger or type things but I love my pen and use it to draw, edit pictures, and write notes. It can turn your handwriting into text.
  • Personalized text messaging. I can edit the backdrop and colors of my messages. Love this feature.
  • I can still have my itune music on this phone! Easy 123 step and all of my music is on this phone.
  • Personalized home screens. No more just little app boxes. I can add pictures, widgets, weather, google, alarms and apps all on my homescreen organized the way I want them.
  •  Love the leather like back cover.
  • I feel like over all I can do more on this phone.

Obviously some people enjoy the iphone more because it’s easier and more simple to use. I enjoy the challenge and enjoy learning all the new things my phone can do. If you like to multitask, use your phone as a planner, and enjoy personalizing then Android phone is a phone for you.

(This shows my personalized text and the use of my S pen)
(My personalized home screen)

Dear Brynlee,

I can’t imagine what kind of phone will be out when you are old enough to have a phone. This will be fun to compare! 2014 phones.


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