Brynlee Kaye 8 Months Old


4 days before she turns 9 months old and I’m just now posting her 8 month blog. 7 to 8 months had so many first! I’ve been putting this off because I knew it would take me awhile to post. Many first and a huge growth spurt. She continues to amaze me with her personality and growth. Again I am so lucky to be this little girls Momma!


Milestones this Month:

  • First Beach Trip! Our Aunt and Uncle flew us out to North Carolina to their beach house! We had the most amazing week with our family!
  • At 7 months and 5 days Brynlee started CRAWLING like a pro. Across the room like it was no problem!
  • Brynlee had to graduate to 6-9 month sleepers this month. She can still fit into some of her 6 month clothes but she can also fit in 9 months.
  • FIRST TOOTH! We also got our first tooth on the beach!
  • First big girl bath!
  • We have moved up to size 3 diapers!
  • Still in size 2 shoes.
  • The first day she started to crawl she went straight to the couch and started walking around it while holding on.
  • We started feeding her little puffs. She is doing very well feeding herself.
  • First plane ride of course.



Brynlee Loves:

  • THE SAND! I know I was shocked too!
  • She loved riding on the Airplane.
  • Playing with her cousins!
  • Crawling.
  • Playing in the water.
  • Cuddling.
  • Big girl baths!
  • She still has the same favorite foods. Now we can add the new blueberry puffs!
  • Mommy and Daddy! She loves when daddy gets home and jumps up and down.




Brynlee Does Not Like:

  • At first she did not like the ocean! She was confused on why water kept splashing her.
  • Brynlee does not like APPLES!
  • She would get mad when people would not watch her on the plane.
  • Still can not stand the dark.



Dear Brynlee,

I thought this would be a lot longer but you have woken up from your nap and you are screaming for your MOMMA! Crawling I thought would be a huge change and challenge for us. So far you aren’t getting into things you shouldn’t be into. Well other than the fire place but you know to stay away from that now. Our first trip to the beach was amazing and it is something I will never forget. You continue to grow and amaze us everyday. I love you Princess.

Love Mommy!


No Piercings for Our Daughter

Before you read this is not a judgement on other mothers and their daughters ear piercings. I personally think it is adorable. We just decided that we didn’t want to pierce her ears. We thought about it for months. My mom had mine done at a young age. Why not? It is adorable and at almost 8 month old it would be so cute to grow up switching out ear rings. We just decided “WE” weren’t ready.

Three reasons for our decision.

1. Responsibility- I will always take care of my daughter. But I want to teach her responsibility. I can teach her other ways of course. I want her to clean her own ears and take care of them herself when she makes a big girl decision.

2. What If- What if she never wanted earrings? What if she takes them out? What if she gets an infection? What if she can only wear real gold earrings like her momma? What if the school she goes to bands ear rings? The rate the school systems are going anyways with change. I could really see this happen. We don’t want to put our daughter through a few minutes of pain and waste money on the what ifs.    

3. Sports- If she is athletic like us she can’t wear ear rings. If she is anything like me she will let them grow up because she is playing sports. I have had to re pierce my  ears almost 8 times. 


Again these are our reason for not getting them done. I guess this piercing situation got brought up because my niece was 5 when she asked to get her ears done. She screamed of course! It was the end of the world. My sister and brother in law made her take care of them and let her make a big girl decision. I have a lot of respect for that. She loves them and felt like she made the decision if though Mommy and Daddy allowed her to get them done. 

Of course my “What If” are still gonna be there when she decides she wants them. We will make that decision as a family though. 


Dear Brynlee,

You will be 8 months old in a week. We have struggled with this decision for awhile now. We hope you take your time in asking such a big request. It will be another sign you are growing up so fast. I day dream all the time about who you are going to be, what life you are going to live, and who you are going to be like the most. You will continue to be the light in our life. 

We love you Brynlee Kaye

Mommy and Daddy.

Brynlee Kaye 7 Months Old


My little baby is turning into such a big girl. We have had so much fun this month. We got extra special time with our cousins that don’t live so close, celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary, 1st 4th of July, a wedding, along with many other first and milestone developments. This was a month of many ups instead of downs. We have spent most of our time in a pool or going this month and Mommy started planning her first Birthday! :((( So the beach vacation we are about to take will be a great break away from going…going…going. I don’t think I have ever been so happy or nervous to just get on a airplane and fly away to the beach.


Milestones this Month:

  • We are still in size 2 diapers.
  • We wear mostly 3-6 month clothes. We can fit into some 6 month clothes and wear a few of our 3 month clothes but not much. We have been in 3-6 month sleepers for 3 months I believe.
  • Last doctors visit was a week and a half before 6 months and she weighed 15 pounds 4 ounces. We had a little cough and had to get it checked out.
  • Finally in size 2 shoes. Mommy bought her first pair of converse!
  • I find this very important to put in her milestones. We got to spend a lot of extra time with my nieces and Brynlee’s cousins this month. Aubrey and Adalyn introduced Brynlee to her very first tea party. SHE LOVED IT! It was so cute seeing them all play together.
  • This little diva has started to crawl. She hasn’t mastered it yet but she can get a little ways and then fall down.
  • Brynlee has been able to scoot for a little over a month. Oops possibly longer but the scooting is getting worse. She goes backwards when she gets tired of crawling! It’s so funny.
  • She can go from crawling position to sitting position.
  • SHE PULLS UP ON JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING! I am her human jungle gym.
  • She can stand up on her own for a few seconds.
  • She has started to pull up on the couch and let go. Giving me a heart attack.
  • She can go around in circles on her hands and knees.
  • She can also scoot around in circles. You can really tell when she is tired because once she falls on her stomach she wont push herself back up in the crawling position like she usually does.
  • I’ve started to put her in her play pin more so I can get stuff done and not worry about her pulling up and letting go.
  • She saw her first fireworks and LOVED them!
  • We visited the Memphis zoo for the first time with our friends!!
  • The last few days of her being 6 months she really started blowing raspberries. She has done them before but I can’t get this child to stop. Haha her face is so cute when she does them.



Brynlee LOVES:

  • Her toy Piano! She won’t let me pick her up when she is playing for it. She refuses to reach for me. She is becoming more independent every day.
  • She loves to sit in her high chair!
  • Mickey Mouse Club House has to be a tv show that hypnotizes children. She loves it.
  •  Being in the pool.
  • Sleeping with Mommy. Ooops. Don’t worry she is back in her little bed.
  • Brynlee loves when her daddy gets home.
  • Loves to dance to music when Mommy or Daddy holds her hands.
  • Riding in a shopping cart.
  • Playing with my keys.
  • Visiting Daddy at work.
  • Standing up!
  • Her favorite food include: Mac and Cheese, Mac and cheese with veggies, chicken and apple, turkey and rice, ANYTHING WITH BANANAS, ANY KIND OF OATMEAL! She will try other foods and she will only eat half or less if its not these two. We are about to start some fun stuff.


Standing up!

Brynlee does NOT Like:

  • Before she learned to move her knees she hated getting stuck on her hands and knees and not being able to move forward.
  • Having a stinky diaper. Usually we know and change her immediately but one day it stayed in for 5 minutes after she pooped and she was NOT HAPPY!
  • She does not like that she can’t figure out how to drink out of a straw. It’s so funny.
  • She does not like to be held for a long time. She loves to play with her toys in the floor.
  • Daddy getting in her face is still a huge NO NO!
  • She does not like when you don’t feed her fast enough.
  • SHE DOES NOT LIKE HER CRIB! I have tried to do nap time in there and I let her fuss it out until she goes to sleep but wow!!!! This child can’t stand it.


Too Cool for her 6 month shots. She gets mistaken as a boy a lot. Even with bows in her head.

Dear Brynlee,

We have had the best month learning and growing with you. We got to spend so much time with family and our friends. I swear you know something is wrong with you when you don’t have that huge smile on your face. I swear if you hair gets much longer I’m going to put a pony tail in it soon. Swooping it out of your eyes is just not good enough anymore. You just woke up and are trying to take control of my computer! Better go!


Snoozing with Daddy!



Our cute outfit Mommy made for Tyler and Shelbys rehearsal dinner!


Fireworks with Hoppie!


Daddy is off crutches!


She loves to Swim with mommy and daddy!


2 year anniversary in Mommys Wedding Dress!


Playtime with cousins!


Watching fireworks with Hoppie!


She got stuck! lol




Tyler and Shelby’s Wedding! Day before I turned 7 months old!

We love you Brynlee Kaye!

Love Mommy and Daddy!

A Guideline to Miscarriage

Apparently there is a guide to having a miscarriage and I missed out on it. I’m supposed to handle it a certain way, be a certain way, and not talk about it. I’m not trying to compare mine to other people but everyone handles things differently.

We found out a few days after Father’s Day that we had lost our second child at 8 weeks. We were told we were at the beginning stages of miscarriage.  I didn’t cry in the hospital, I didn’t cry when I walked out to all my friends and told them, I didn’t cry when I text my mom. I lost it on the way home alone with my husband and child. I’m supposed to grieve with them. Not everyone else.

I’m not sure why this happened. I’m not sure if it’s the car accident or if it is because of reasons I can’t explain. I do know that we won’t be having a second child right now. I’m not trying to point blame because I just don’t know.

I do good to stay strong in front of other people. I can’t stop my life. I have a daughter and a husband that is still recovering from surgery. Some people expect me to hide in my room for days. I guess I could and there is nothing wrong with that. I just made the decision not too.
Apparently you are supposed to cry for a day and move on??? I still have my moments though. It’s almost been a week since I found out. I loose it when I’m alone, when I see the ultrasound picture on the fridge, or when I see my husband sad. It’s hard and we still have our moments and probably always will.

Our daughter makes it easier. She is a reminder of the healthy child we do have. My husband knows exactly when I need space or when we need eachother. It also makes me think how lucky I am that I lost the baby at 8 weeks rather than further along. Losing a child is hard no matter how far along you are. The worst part of this is the reminder I get every bathroom break. I’m still in the middle of this entire miscarriage and im ready for the worst part to be over.

Everybody handles a miscarriage differently. The support that our friends and some of our family is giving us helps. A loss is a loss. There is no guideline or a way to handle this. All I can tell someone to do is trust in God because he has a plan.

Dear Brynlee,
I was so ready for you to be a big sister. At first I was scared and afraid. I was so worried I was taking away your babyhood. Now I’m sad that it’s just not your time to be a big sister. I know you will be someday. I can not even explain how you have made this easier for us. You have been the best from day one. You know exactly when we are hurting, when I’m tired, and when I need someone to cuddle. You put happiness in our life when we have our bad days. We thank God for the life he has given us every day. We are blessed.

I love you Brynlee!

Getting Pregnant Months After Being Pregnant

I found out I was pregnant almost 5 weeks ago with our second child. Brynlee was about to turn five months old meaning that she would be 13 months apart from her brother or sister. I went through 3 stages when I found.

First Stage: SHOCKED
I question how this happened. Had a panic attack and just questioned how we were going to handle and afford two children in diapers. Once I got over that and realized that God has an amazing sense of humor and will guide us through this journey. So then I went through this next stage.

Second Stage: Baby Weight
All of my mommy friends that were pregnant at the same time are getting back to their pre pregnancy pants and bodies. If you know me you know I struggle with my weight gain. I am still stressed out about this but I have set up a healthy weight plan and a reasonable workout routine that does not interfere with taking care of my husband or child. I will keep up with this. I was 15 pounds of reaching pre pregancy. This has set me back big time. This means I’m already 15 pounds in when I’m 7 weeks pregnant. I was maybe 2 pounds in my first pregnancy at this time. I can not fail myself or this baby. Especially with my past of diabetes. Once I set up a workout schedule i went through the next phase.

I might not have that body or a bunch of money to have two children. But I will be blessed with two children and not just one.  I pray for the health of this child everyday. God has given me a gift and I will cherish it and brag about my babies! Brynlee will be a great big sister and we will be amazing parents. No matter what’s in our pockets, our homes, or how big I get. I am blessed with a second pregnancy.

Dear Brynlee,
You did not ruin my body with stretch marks and even if you did I would never blame you. You did not make me eat those bad foods. I blamed it on the pregnancy. You also did not make me hate this body. I love my bigger hips. It means I gave birth to you. You are going to be a big sister. I can’t wait to see how amazing you are going to be. I love you Princess!

I Have Your Answers

***Warning this might be a little to much information for some***

I’m pregnant with my second child. When I found out I cried. Seriously I had a panic attack, called my sister, and paced the floor for over an hour. Everything was running through my mind. My husband is laughing at me because he is excited. I was worried what people would think, how would we be able to afford this, am I taking Brynlee’s babyhood away, is there enough room for 4 in our house, and what will our parents say….. Needless to say I was panicked the first week and was not excited. it wasn’t the same as it was when I got pregnant with Brynlee. It was our first child and we couldn’t wait to tell the world. Brynlee was only 4 months when I found out about Baby #2. I was seriously pregnant just 4 months ago. Wow and now I’m pregnant again.
We had to tell our parents for different personal reasons. We wanted to wait but couldnt. There reaction was not like the first time we told them. They did exactly what I was panicking about. The were shocked and questioned us both on how we were going to afford this and if this was a joke. Ok before you think they are terrible they really are excited now! We have some great parents that we just hit by surprise.
Once we told our parents we said we wouldn’t tell our friends. Well they noticed I wasn’t having a beer at our cookouts or I really started watching what I was eating. Sadly I couldn’t blame it on breast feeding.
Pretty much everyone found out about it from us or our big mouth parents and friends. Love you guys!!!
The questions didn’t stop there and are not going to stop anytime soon. Some are just out of this world. Seriously some of our questions are none of your business. Family or not. Some are just stupid and silly. My favorite one of all time is Why are you telling people before your first trimester is over? I will start with this one.
*Warning some of these responses are rude*
1. Why are you telling people when you are only 6 weeks?
Wonderful question…. Who said that I had to wait until I was 14 weeks? Most people do it because of miscarriage. I completely understand. I’m just not that person. This child is apart of me. Will always be apart of me if it survives or if it doesnt. I don’t want to act like I was never pregnant or this wasn’t a journey in my life. I am pregnant and don’t feel like hiding it. I’m different from other women. Plus I can’t keep this big of a secret. 🙂
2. Do you want a boy or a girl this time? I hope you have a boy because you already have a girl… or I hope you have a girl because you already have clothes.
Well people I want a healthy baby. First time around I thought this question was cute and fun. I also thought it would be great to have a boy first. But I got a girl. I don’t get to pick. If I have a girl then yes I have some clothes. If I have a boy then he gets to carry on our last night. I want healthy. Boy or girl I just want this baby healthy. So please don’t ask me this silly question.
3. Have you lost your mind? You will be changing diapers for years.
Yes my children will be 13 months apart. This is God’s plan not my plan. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for this family. 4. How are you going to afford this?
I’m not sure how some of you want me to respond to this. For one its none of your business. We will find a way to pay for everything if we don’t have the money. When it comes to our children we will do whatever we can to make them comfortable and happy. We are affording one and 2 will make it a little tighter. But regardless it is NONE of your business. You just need to know we will provide and do what’s best for our family.
5. Why weren’t you on birth control?
This is a long story and not worth getting into. I was told it would be difficult for me to have children. Took us 3 years to get pregnant with Brynlee. Plus I had just quit breastfeeding and was waiting on my first period. Well I got pregnant it happened I can’t take it back.
6. How did I know so soon?
I had the same symptoms as last time. Omg it was crazy and my husband had just had surgery. I waited 5 days to check. Could not believe I saw 2 blue lines.
7. Did you plan this?
Nope. Does it matter?
8. What if you have twins? It runs in your family.
Then we will have a family of 5 and the twins will take over the big bedroom and Brynlee will stay in the small one. We will make it work.
9. How is Brynlee adjusting to this. (No lie this one cracks me up.)
Well she is 5 months old and has no idea what is going on. I have a feeling she will be shocked when we place a baby in her hands. She will love her brother or sister though.
10. Are you excited?
Ok really… I’m having a child! Of course I’m excited! I’m also nervous, anxious, happy, sad, emotional…. I mean come on I’m pregnant. Most women don’t get to have children. I’m seriously thrilled. The first week I was scared and worried how I was going to handle this. But like I said this is what we should be worrying about.
After a weeks of praying and worrying I just woke up one morning and felt peace. I had no reason to worry what other people thought or the crazy nosey questions. This is my life. God gave me this gift for a reason. So I won’t hide my pregnancy, I will answer your silly questions, and I won’t hold back. We are Pregnant with our second child. We are blessed by God. This path is scary but so exciting.

I want to thank my sister for an awesome blog post that she found and shared with me. I encourage everyone to read it.

I would like to end this with one of my favorite bible verses.


God has my heart and he is guiding me and my family. He plans to prosper me, to give me hope, and a future. Wow I am loved by an amazing God!

Murphree Family Party of 4


Can you believe it? My Daughter will be 13 month old when she becomes a BIG SISTER! I found I was pregnant when I was almost 3 weeks. For many reason we had to tell some of our friends and family. I thought I had a big mouth… apparently my friends and family have a bigger one. Yes I’m only 6 weeks and making an announcement. Some people think I’m crazy but I have a special blog post coming up that will answer everyone’s questions. Why I’m having my children so close together, what I was thinking, do I want a boy or girl, and my favorite one is how we will afford it! Seriously people amaze me.
We can not be more excited for the second  addition to our family. God has some amazing plans for this family and I can’t see what he has in store.



Brynlee Kaye 5 Months Old

ImageAs I type this I’m still in shock my child is 5 months old. She is getting so big. There is such a huge difference in her 4 month pictures and her five month pictures. I forgot to post last month that she found her toes so I’m adding it in now.  We have had such a crazy month. We have had to change our entire routine because of my Husband’s Surgery. This man is seriously my other half and is involved with Brynlee just as much as I am when he gets home from work. He gives her a bath, plays with her in the floor, changes diapers, and watches her goofy little Disney shows. As soon as he walks in the door he is in Daddy Mode. The past 3 weeks he has been on crutches or stuck on the couch or the bed. Not able to do any of his favorite things with Brynlee. It’s messed up her routine, my routine, and we have all just been exhausted. We even experienced Night Terrors for a week straight after Daddy’s surgery. It was miserable. Not only do I have to take care of Brynlee but I had to take care of my husband. He couldn’t eat, get dressed, go to the bathroom, or do anything he wanted. Broke our heart and made Brynlee a super jealous baby!




Milestones this Month:

  • This child is for sure above 13 pounds! My little chunky monkey! We go to the doctor next month for more shots. 😦
  • She grabs at just about everything and doesn’t miss. Her hand eye coordination is amazing!
  • She started sitting up by herself at the end of the month. She still will fall over some but she can hold herself up for over 15 minutes. We are so proud.
  • She loves to hold on to things and stand up! Seriously she amazes me. She will hold on to hear chair, a box, a table, my fingers, or just about anything.
  • The most amazing thing to me is how she will hold on to my fingers and pull herself up without me helping her. She is getting so strong.
  • We bought her a pool this month and she got to go out for her first swim. SHE LOVED IT!
  • We are still in size one diapers and 3 month clothes. She can wear some 3-6 months.
  • WE CAN SEE TEETH! Her top two teeth budding. One has even poked through the gums at the top. We had to take her to a specialist to get it check out. He said it was normal and it will just come down right.
  • I celebrated my first Mother’s Day. To top it all off Brynlee said MOMMA! I have a witness!
  • We bought the Princess a new carseat because we never use the carrier. If we tried to use that she would cry until we got her out.
  • She got to watch Mommy play softball for the first time this month!
  • Due to the Night terrors she started sleeping with me around 3 or 4 every morning. It was the only way I could calm her down and get her to go back to sleep. I’m used to a baby that sleeps through the night. Don’t worry the Princess is back in her little bed in our room and no longer needs mommy!


ImageSitting up like a big girl with Daddy!




Mother’s Day! WIth Hoppie and Nanny!


Brynlee Loves:

  • To Stand up!
  • Her Pool
  • Family
  • Her Jumper
  • Oatmeal
  • Chewing on everything.
  • Bathtime
  • Disney Junior

Brynlee Does NOT LIKE:

  • Being HOTT!
  • Sharing her mommy
  • Her carrier carseat.
  • Tummy TIme.
  • Laying on her back.
  • Mommy taking her out of her swimming pool.
  • Cold Teething toys!

Dear Brynlee,

What a crazy month it has been. I really think this is one month for the books. Daddy’s surgery has been hard on all of us and this only the first one. We still have 3 1/2 weeks of him being on crutches and in a cast. Soon baby girl I promise Daddy will be back to giving you baths, walking around with you, and playing in the floor. Wow next month you will be 6 months old. You grow more beautiful everyday and I can’t even explain how much you are loved. Thank you for loving us and making everyday wonderful no matter how fussy or tired you can be. You always have a smile on your face as soon as you wake up or you see anybody you love. I’m so ready for the next adventure in our lives!!

I love you Brynlee Kaye Murphree!

Standing up like a big girl in a box! All by yourself!






ImageBig girl carseat!


Nap Time with Daddy at the hospital! He begged me to bring her up there.


Sleepover at our Cousins House for the first time!!


Our first swim!


Sweet Mommy cuddles when she was having bad dreams!